Lili Reinhart Admits To Feeling ‘Really Defeated’ By Depression In Candid Post On Mental Health

It’s a daily battle…

We’re halfway through Mental Health Awareness month and Lili Reinhart is getting candid on her social media feed. The Riverdale star held nothing back when opening up about feeling “really defeated” by depression on Sunday. The performer wrote in her Instagram Story:

“Some days, I feel really defeated by my depression. It’s an exhausting battle that I’ve been fighting for 11 years, and some days, like today, it can feel intolerable.”

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The 24-year-old continued to leave a motivational message for her followers, adding:

“This is a reminder to my fellow warriors that it’s okay to have days where you don’t want to fight anymore. You don’t need to justify your mental health to anyone. Prioritize yourself when needed, take time to rest. Surround yourself with good people and high vibrations.”

Perhaps encouraging herself as well as her “fellow warriors,” the actress concluded the message saying:

“Remember you are always worth fighting for. And tomorrow could be such a beautiful day”

A wonderful reminder, especially in these stressful times!!

 Lili Reinhart Admits To Feeling ‘Really Defeated’ By Depression In Candid Post
(c) Lili Reinhart/Instagram

We have a feeling Lili was repeating this mantra to herself a lot while filming the latest season of Riverdale because she previously admitted she felt “like a prisoner” while returning to set. Speaking to Nylon mag last September, the dog momma divulged the additional safety measures placed on film sets due to COVID-19 made her feel “f**ked” when heading back to Vancouver.

“I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada. That doesn’t feel good. You can’t go home for Thanksgiving, can’t visit your family. No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks. It just feels f**ked.”

Yikes!! That’s definitely not the headspace you want to be in before months of filming! But we totally get how the intensity of making a hit show during lockdown would cause added pressures and anxiety!! Not to mention that this particular CW series has faced issues of overworking its actors in the past…

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Hopefully expressing her raw thoughts while working through her depression was helpful to Lili over the weekend. Way back in 2019, the Hustlers lead revealed to Glamour that chatting publicly about her mental health challenges has allowed her to feel more confident and at peace. The Chemical Hearts executive producer vulnerably shared:

“I’ve experienced depression and anxiety. Not constantly, but I’m still experiencing it. I have spells of time where I feel completely unmotivated, I don’t want to do anything and I question myself. I don’t know how to handle stress very well. I find that talking about it and sharing my experience with other people, and reminding myself that I’m not alone has been incredibly therapeutic.”

Not to mention she’s a huge advocate for therapy and self-reflection! All great resources to lean on when feeling “really defeated.” We’re hoping Lili’s caught more of those good vibrations today!

[Image via Lili Reinhart/Instagram]

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